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'Digital Army' to be vigilant against violation of poll code of conduct

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 14 2019 12:31PM
'Digital Army' to be vigilant against violation of poll code of conduct
EC seeks this app as game-changer for fair election process Chandigarh, Mar 14 (HS): The Election Commission has speeded up the expansion of the ''Digital Intelligence Army'' through social media. After launching the ''C-Vigil'' mobile app, the Commission has started a campaign to download it to the consumer''s smart phone. Through this app, any citizen will be able to put the photo and video of violation of election code of conduct and in 100 minutes the Commission will take action on this. On March 13, the training of ''C-Vigil'' mobile app was underway in the meeting of officials in the Chandigarh Office of the Punjab Election Commission. The Commission seeks this app as game-changer for fair election process. After downloading this app, a person will be connected to the Commission. The app was initially launched in 2018 and was put to test during the Assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram. The app allows people to record any violation of the code of conduct and send it to the relevant election authority. According to information, around 28,000 complaints had been registered through this app and were settled in stipulated time in the election of five states. According to information, 75 percent complaints were found correct. State Chief Electoral Officer Dr. S. Karuna Raju said that by using the app, citizens can record on his Android mobile and promptly to election authorities report any violation of Model Code of Conduct, any incident of intimidation or inducement within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to go to the office of the returning officer and the action will be taken in 100 minutes. So far, the medium of complaints of violation of election code was in the form of physical letter / complaint and it took time to resolve these complaints. Because of such process, people avoided to file complaints. Although the Election Commission is keeping an eye on the social media in the elections, but simultaneously the Commission is keen to take help from social media. According to the Mobile Users Data released by the Indian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRAI) in the past year, there are more than 120 crore mobile users in the country. The number of consumers using the internet was 54 percent. According to the Cyber Media Research data, 65 percent of consumers using smart phones in Kerala and it was the highest in the country by January 2018; Gujarat was second with 60 percent and Punjab was at third place with 59 percent of consumers having internet phones. According to the Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Raju, there are also the chances of misuse of the app by the political parties to target the opposition. However, to check such misuse the app does not allow pre-recorded videos or old images to be uploaded. Also, once the image is clicked or the video is recorded, the app will provide a window of only 5 minutes to the user to report the incident. But the Commission believes that this app will not only able to reduce the case of violation of code of conduct, but also play an active role allowing general man to participate in electoral system. Hindusthan Samachar/Narinder/Shri Ram Shaw\
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