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Another version: Congress makes a delayed course correction

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 13 2019 3:39PM
Another version: Congress makes  a delayed course correction
(R.Narayan) New Delhi,March 13(HS):The political resolution adopted at the Congress Working Committee meeting in Gujarat on Tuesday was more a course correction than anything else.But it has not come a day too soon. It may not fully repair the damage already done. While charging the government with "exploiting" the issue of national security, it has felt "proud of its armed forces".The rest is more or less a reiteration. “The Congress Party expresses its strong disappointment that the Prime Minister is cynically exploiting the issue of national security, on which we are all united, to divert attention from his colossal failures, bogus claims, and persistent falsehoods”. There is nothing new in it.The party has been talking of "failure" on all fronts since long.The government has taken some good measures but to it all these are anti-Poor and inadequate. As far as its applaud for the armed forces and other issues are concerned,the party has made amends,but after loss of a considerable time.It should have come out with it soon after some of its leaders had spoken against them and raised questions over the air strike. One of its emerging leader and minister had even mocked the air force and claimed that only trees had fallen in Pakistan in the strike last month.The party should have taken action or, at least,warned him .Nothing of the kind happened. It emboldened some others.A few days later a senior party leader who has embarrassed the party in the past too asked for "saboot" of the strike. All these leaders were a toast to Pakistan which has been belittling attack. No harm was done to any institution or individual during the strike.It was the claim made by the country and these individuals supported this theory. Even a foreign news agency which had the same narrative changed it when it was not allowed to visit the site.But to these "worthies" it was not important. They did not budge even when some eyewitnesses and satellite images confirmed the strike and damages in Balakot. The eyewitness accounts were presented by some major television channels which were widely believed by the people in the country. Nothing mattered to them.Top leadership of the party also slept over it for weeks.This is what happens when eyes are closed to realities and whims and fancies matter. Party president Rahul Gandhi has no love lost for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So, his reaction to the strike is understandable.But what about others in the party? The whole nation was outraged by attack on an army convoy in Pulwama. Therefore, most of the people burst crackers and danced when the news about the strike and damages were flashed.To these Congress leaders it did not mean much.The criticism of the party and calling it "Pakistan proxy" was, therefore,not fully unjustified. Undoubtedly, Modi''s stock has risen following the attack.His popularity graph has shown upward trends in surveys conducted by some channels.The party woke up but it woke up little late. What should worry the party most is that doubter in the party over the strike are still in deep sleep. There is no indication of a change of stance by them.They may cause more harm to the party and the nation. HS/RN
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