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Modi will Become Prime Minister again : Dr Laxman

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 12 2019 10:07PM
Modi will Become Prime Minister again : Dr Laxman
Telangana : Hyderabad : March 12 (HS)BJP senior leader Laxman threw a open challenge to TRS Working President KT Rama Rao on Lok Sabha elections and said Modi will become Prime minister again.Addressing the media at state party office here today and said, BJP State President Dr. Laxman today said that the BJP core committee meeting will be held in Telangana on March 14 which will discuss the candidates for the forthcoming Parliament elections and short list the candidates after which it will submit the list to Central Party which will decide the candidatures on March 15 . Criticising the TRS Government under KCR he said that he has been talking of winning 16 seats , what has the 15 MPs who won in the last elections done for the State and now if he wins the 16 MPs what will they do for the state he wondered and questioned what change will be there in the state between the 15 and now 16 MPs? .Telangana State became a reality only because of BJP .What change can TRS bring even if they win 16 seats in the Lok Sabha he questioned. Hence people should realize and vote BJP for the development of the state.Putta Suman, Hindusthan Samachar.\
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