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Google creates special doodle on Internet's birthday

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 12 2019 3:24PM
Google creates special doodle on Internet's birthday
New Delhi, Mar. ,12 (HS): The search engine Google and many such websites exist because of the Internet, and today Google has named its own special doodle "World Wide Web". Google has created this doodle at the 30th anniversary of the world wide web (www). Before any website, www is a group of different resources and documents that appear in it, which join together to create a website. The credit for discovering this is given to the scientific Tim Burner Lee. Google has also remembered Tim''s ution with this doodle. Tim Berner Lee, who gave the Internet to the world, was born in England and his involvement in this direction was only due to early studies. After studying at Queens College and Oxford University, he received a degree in Physics in 1976. He also had good knowledge of mathematics. They always got support from parents While working in the Geneva-based European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN), Tim created the Internet and the World Wide Web. It was first used in 1989 in Tim Berner Lee''s Cern Lab. Tim had stepped in this direction since the early 1980''s. In 1984, he was given a chance to work as a fellowship in CERN Lab. There were a number of different types of computers in the lab, which were used to store data in different formats. Tim''s work was to deliver this data from one computer to the other. Here in his mind a question came whether there could be any way in which all information and data could be threaded together. The solution was found in the world wide web. The World Wide Web was first kept in his possession by Cernon, but later it was released in 1992.The whole world has got access to it since 1993. To understand what the World Wide Web is, we can take the example of a webpage. This page shows you text, photos, videos and the rest of the multimedia. The help of hyperlinks is taken to connect them together. The only way to get these files from the Internet is to be www because it provides the basis for all the files and pages. Hindusthan Samachar/Radha/Pramod \
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