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Democracy in J&K made captive to whims of rulers: NPP

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 12 2019 2:37PM
Democracy in J&K made captive to whims of rulers: NPP
Jammu, Mar 12 (HS): Accusing the BJP led govt at the centre of playing spoilsport in timely conduct of Assembly Polls in JnK, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former minister today said that denial of democratic rights of the people of the state could prove counterproductive. He regretted that the Assembly elections had been denied in JnK on the flimsy excuses by taking the plea of security constraints. He said that MHA which earlier had assured to provide adequate security for simultaneous polls took a U-turn at the eleventh hour only for political reasons. Recalling the repeated slogans of PM Narendra Modi to hold simultaneous polls across the nation, Singh regretted that the centre fell back on its promise and failed to implement even the pious declaration of the PM despite consensus amongst all political parties in the state over the issue. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today. Reiterating the need for the early elections to JnK legislative Assembly in the state, Singh said that delay and deny in this regard not only amounted to subversion of democracy but also was violative of the orders of the Supreme Court. “The people could not be deprived of their democratic rights in the state only for the political inexpediencies of the ruling party at the Centre by taking the plea of security related issues, said Singh. And that too in a situation wherein the Union Home Minister had made statements in the just concluded session of Parliament of full preparations having been made for the said Elections including arrangements of security personnel. Not only that the PM Modi had been making loud pronouncements of holding simultaneous polls for LS and Assemblies of all states. If the Modi govt was in as position to provide security for simultaneous polls all across the nation, why was it hesitant for Assembly polls in the JnK State alongwith Lok Sabha elections”, questioned Harsh. With the State earlier remaining under Governor Rule for six months followed by President’s Rule, it was be wholly unjustified and unconstitutional to plan further extension of central Rule after May 21, said Harsh Dev Singh. While ridiculing the statements of security constraints, he said it was ludicrous to take the plea of shortage of security personnel for holding simultaneous polls for Parliament and Assembly in the state as the number of polling stations to be catered by the security staff for both the elections would remain the same. “Even the Supreme Court had ruled that Elections to legislative Assemblies in states, where Assemblies are prematurely dissolved, should be held within a period of six months. In the case of JnK, the period of six months expiring on May 21, the Elections to legislative Assembly were required to be held within the time frame prescribed by Apex court and popular govt installed before the stipulated deadline”, added Singh. He said the democracy could not be held hostage to the political expediencies of the ruling party at the Centre. Flaying the BJP led NDA for denying the people of JnK their democratic rights, Singh said that people could not be further deprived of their right to choose their own representatives and to have an elected govt in the state. If the Municipal and the Panchayat elections could be held in the state, the postponement of Assembly elections on frivolous grounds defied all logic and rationale, Harsh argued. Hindusthan Samachar/Ranjit/Balwan/Shri Ram\
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