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Lost in wilderness of modern era are the songs of Holi

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 12 2019 11:28AM
Lost in wilderness of modern era are the songs of Holi
And, thumping of Dholak and Majira, and Jogira Chapra, Mar 12 (HS): Do whispering breeze, toxic fragrance of flowers of Amra Manjari, sweet songs of Koel, body filled with a unique spell of intoxication, suggest that we are in the realm of Holi (Fagua). Wheat in the field have ripened, the earth is donning yellow cloth (Chunari), flowers are competing with each other to bloom, the whole nature is smiling and the heart feels like singing ‘Fagun me Ram Khelat Holi, to be answered by some other that ‘Holi Khelat Raghuvir Awadh Me’. Where are the groups of youth with Dhol and Majira indulged into songs remembering Ram and Krishna, remembering Baba Vaidyanath and Harihar Nath. The whole village used to reel under the pleasure of listening the nearing steps of enchanting Holi. Women folk also did not lag behind. They used to divide into two groups when the night ascended with songs like ‘Dehu Sasu Methiya ke bunbe Methiya ke saag, to be retorted with ‘Kaha paibe Methiya, Naihar se le Mangaya, ‘Goriya Jhumar Khele Maidan Me’ ‘Jatta Re Jatta, Fagun Mas Injoriya re Jatta’ and ‘Jattin ab Jay de Videsh’. Those Women folk with reddened chicks caused by Fagua songs and light on face powered by following the traditions . But where is the enthusiasm, the Tolis of youth and old singing Jogira, Holi Khelat Raghuvir Awadh Me, Bangala me Urela Gulal, and sound of Thap of Dholak which used to be renting the atmosphere, knocking us that Holi is nearby, or soak with the feeling of it and enjoy it for a month. ’Ek Mahina Pahle se Khelne Lagte The Na’. What to say of town, these feelings and songs are evading the villages also. One only longs to hear those Fag songs, filled with love, affection, energy and enthusiasm. Traditions are getting extinct to our horror. This occasion to bridge the gaps between and among the people is infected with increasing malice. Modernity is eclipsing the rich traditions and double meaning songs are pervading. Obscenity, filthiness and vulgarity have become pouncing, giving a bad taste to the festival. Double meaning Bhojpuri songs are outraging the sanctity of the festival. Seniors say that the young generation is forgetting the rich traditions of Holi. Old singers are no longer there and some have become so old that they can not sing now. Hansnath Rai said that they used to sing Holi based on Bhakti. Poet, writer and member of Juvenile court Kashmira Singh said that consumer culture has engulfed us, ‘Kinke Haath Kanak Pitchkari, Kinke Haath Abir Ki Jholi’ is displaced with ‘Rang Barse, Bhige Chunar wali, Rang Barse’. Bhojpuri society has forgotten its rich tradition and culture and has steeped deep in the mud of obscenity. Nevertheless, an atmosphere against this has been created. ’Pachmel’ and ‘ Aakhar’ like organisations are spearheading the fight against obscenity. Folk singer Tista had initiated it and tribute to her for this as she is no more. Songs of Holi, even in rustic languages with escapes to point some vulgarity, too, were mired with respect and balance which did not lead you to some untoward. So stitched and entwined were the feelings that only led to romanticism and not beyond that. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Shri Ram Shaw\
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