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Rickshaw puller's woes of fighting corruption

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 11 2019 6:57PM
Rickshaw puller's woes of fighting corruption
Gopalganj/Ara,Mar. (HS): A Rickshaw puller is pulling his life as well pulling his fight against corrupt system also to get his piece of land. His fight also reflects the apathy of the system which claims to be reaching to the poor. It is strangely ironical that sub ordinate court has out done the verdict of the superior court. Rickshaw puller Nagina Ram, who is at the end of his years of life is slowly loosing faith that justice would be meted out to him. The narrative goes like this. Two Kattha and eight Dhur land was in the name of Jagan Ram at Sumerpur village under Vijayeepur police station in Gopalganj district . This land bears Thana No 94, Khata no. 60 and Khesra No.268. After the demise of grandfather, the Zamabandi should have been in the name of Nagina Ram. But influential neighbors got the Zamabandi in their name in 1992-93. They live out side district and deal with fruit business in Mumbai. One of them works abroad also. When, Nagina Ram came to know aboutthis he complained before the court of DCLR. DCLR found the complain to be true and recommended for cancelling of Zamabandi in the names of neighbors. On 20 December 2013, the court of the DM considered it to be technical fault and court of the ADM cancelled the Zamabandi and accepted the application of Nagina Ram. Now, the circle officer of Vijayeepur had to recommend the Zamabandi in the name of Nagina Ram. But, strangely, the CO recommended Zamabandi in the name of the neighbors. Nagina Ram had fought for eight years to get the Zamabandi cancelled in the name of the neighbors, but he again came to naught. Anil Kumar Raman , SDO Hathwa told, that matter has not come to his notice. If such is the case, justice will be done. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Pramod
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