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Political parties in West Bengal on wall writing spree

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 11 2019 6:19PM
Political parties in West Bengal on wall writing spree
Kolkata, Mar.11 (HS): In less than 24 hours of the Election Commission''s announcement for the all important Lok Sabha poll from 11 April last evening, workers of all major political parties in West Bengal have plunged in to the frantic activities of wall writings and start creating electoral grafiftes across the state from early today.Among those who first took such initiative,was senior BJP leader and former Deputy Mayor of Kolkata Meena Devi Purohit who lost no time to motivate a large number of BJP workers in North Kolkata and start wall writings in several localities urging people to ''cast the votes in favour of BJP candidates everywhere '',even when the names of candidates were yet to be announced by the BJP central leaders in New Delhi. Speaking to Hindusthan Samachar over telephone while she herself was putting the final touches of one such writings on the wall at Jorabagan area in North Kolkata today,she said ''it is not important who would be the party candidate from this Parliamentary constituency(North Kolkata). But as a dedicated BJP worker I consider it my duty to organise such work, since the election bell has already been rung'' . Similar scenes were also witnessed in several other areas of the city and elsewhere in the state.As the leaders and workers of the ruling Trinamool Congress were also not lagging behind in ''capturing walls'' for the party and start writing on them,TMC Councillor of ward number 101 Bappaditya Banerjee was seen leading a group of young party workers,armed with different colour cans,to capture and start writing on several private walls in the residential areas in Baishnav Ghata area seeking votes in favour of TMC candidate for South Kolkata Lok Sabha seat. Since Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has convened an urgent meeting at her resident tomorrow, it is expected that the names of party candidates for all the state''s 42 Lok Sabha seats would be announced by the same evening. Similarly, as Congress won all the four Lok Sabha seats in Malda district( the gateway to North Bengal) in the 2014 elections,it has decided to field the same candidates in most of the constituencies once again and have started campaigning for them and writing walls in their favour.But as the sitting MP from North Malda town Mausam Benazir Noor has recently changed her camp and joined TMC, Congress was in two minds before announcing the name of her cousin for the same seat in the coming poll and start campaigning for him. On the contrary,the Left Front which is likely to fight for only 20 of the state''s 42 Lok Sabha seats this time,is yet to formally start wall writing.They may join the bandwagon after the Front leaders announce their list of candidates by Wednesday(13 March). Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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