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Umar Farook threatens NIA through his reply

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 11 2019 6:00PM
Umar Farook threatens NIA through his reply
New Delhi, Mar.11 (HS): Mirwaij, Umar Farooq has thretened National Investigation Agency (NIA) of untoward consequences if he would be forced to come to agency headquarters in Delhi. It is worthwhile to mention here that Farooq was served a notice to co-operate with the investigation of a terror funding case and he was called to its Delhi headquarters of NIA, today. But he did not turn up. In his reply through his lawyer, Aijaz Ahmad Dhar, Umar said that if he was compelled to come to Delhi, agency would have to guarantee his securty. At the same time he told the agency that insistence on the part of NIA may aggravate the situation of the valley. Last but not least, Umar also said that the pissible disturbance of fragile situation for its obvious reasons that the religious sentiments of the people of the state would be aggrived. Further, Umar has said in his reply that his activities are religious, spiritual and political and he is maintaining 300 years tradition of Mirwaij in the valley by being 13th Mirwaij in Kashmir. This istitution of Mirwaij had been the pioneers in spereading education in the valley. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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