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Strict vigil against criminals in Chapra

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 10 2019 6:25PM
Strict vigil against criminals in Chapra
Chapra/ Gopalganj, Mar 10 (HS): Gopalganj District Administration has taken a precautionary step to ensure fair and peaceful forthcoming elections by serving notices to 6300 persons under section 107 of IPC and by bound downing 1523 persons under section 116 of IPC. The sub-division wise bifurcation of issuing notices is - Gopalgan sub division 3500 persons; Hathwas sub division 1800 persons. Whereas, notices under section 116 have been served to 1523 persons in the district. The police are also supervising the 15 years records of 81 criminals and studying carefully the records of 681 criminals who had executed serious crimes. The Police have categorized criminals in three categories namely category A in which come the criminals who have come out of jail, category B includes criminals who are indulged into land dispute, theft, vehicle lifting, and category C is for those criminals who have come on record of the police. S.P. Rashid Zama told that strict vigilance is being maintained on those criminals. There are 22 women criminals also who are under the radar of the police They have indulged into petty crimes. Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Ashwani/Ram\
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