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Pakistan is engaged in spreading lie against India: MEA

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 9 2019 12:27PM
Pakistan is engaged in spreading lie against India: MEA
New Delhi, Mar.9 (HS): Amid tension and distrust between India and Pakistan ministry of external affairs (MEA) reacted during a press conference on duplicity of Pakistani propaganda. MEA spokesperson, Ravish Kumar has said that Pakistan was spreading lie through its claim that it was acting against terror. Pakistan is meticulous trying to cheat international community. Kumar further added that Pakistan was doing the role of spokesperson for Jaish-e-Mohammad on the contrary it should have been working against Jaish. Kumar also said that Jaish had taken responsibility of Pulwama terror attack but Paistani government in total denial mode. Spokesperson of MEA also said that Pakistani former President, Parwej Musharaf had confirmed Jaish exitence in Pakistan but its army had denied it. Kumar countered claim of Pakistan that it had shot down two Indian fighter planes but it was not giving proofs. Even, eye-witness accounts and electronic evidence indicates that Pakistan misused F-16 air craft against India but Pakistan denied it, said Kumar. It is worthwhile to mention here that India has provided proof of F-16 misuse to international community. But on the other hand Pakistan claims, it has a video recording of the downing of a second Indian aircraft however it has not yet shared the evidence. So, claims of Pakistani prime minister, Imran Khan of Pakistan being now moderate one, is having no realty but it is still a medieval state, Kumar quipped. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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