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Mamata uses international woman's day as anti Modi campaign

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 8 2019 6:56PM
Mamata uses international woman's day as anti Modi campaign
Kolkata, 8 March (HS): As expected, West Bengal Chief minister Mamata Banerjee here today used her Women''s Day plat-form as an anti Modi and anti BJP Rally and called upon the people,particularly the women, to remove the Narendra Modi government from power after the coming Lok Sabha elections. Participating in a march with Trinamool Congress workers from Shradhnanda Park to Esplanade in Central Kolkata, covering a distance of about four Km under a hot afternoon sun to mark the Women''s day, the Chief minister even raised her favorite slogan ''Modi Hatao, Desh Banchao;(Remove Modi from Power and save the Nation) several times,which was echoed by hundreds of her party supporters who accompanied the Chief minister during the walk. Later, addressing a road side meeting at Esplanade,the Chief minister highlighted the importance of Women''s day at the present juncture and urged the people to take a pledge to remove the Modi government at any cost. Also blaming the prime minister for allegedly bringing untold miseries to the farmers, poor and the down trodden,the Chief minister said if the new government under a united opposition front came to power, all these anomalies would be over soon. ''But for that we all must work together for creating a new united India'',she said.It may be recalled that Mamata Banerjee during the past few days has been using every opportunity to criticise the union government besides charging it with failing in every front,and demanding its immediate replacement by all means. ''The Modi Government has crossed the expiry date and must be replaced after the coming elections'', she reiterates at every opportunity but making herself a laughing stock to many people. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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