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President highlights importance of IRS in dealing with black money

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 8 2019 6:03PM
President highlights importance of IRS in dealing with black money
New Delhi, March 08 (H.S.): The President of India addressed the trainee officers of the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) on Friday and said how important was role of public servants especially IRS officers in making the country''s financial system cleaner and reducing the dangers of black money. During his discourse to 72nd batch trainees IRS officers, President said India being the world''s fastest developing economy, its GDP was expected to be double … and all these would not only increase revenue but also responsibilities and challenges of revenue officials. He said that in recent years, the government had taken several initiatives like Demonetization, Income Announcement Plan, Be-nami Transactions Prohibition Act to clean country’s financial system and to reduce the risk of black money and to bring transparency. Praising IRS officers he said that they were the front line soldiers of this fight and advised them not to forget that they are from ''We, The People'' who receive their power and authority to serve the people of India. Hindusthan Samachar/Ashwani/Pramod \
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