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'China may not help its child, Masood Azhar this time in UN'

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 8 2019 5:23PM
'China may not help its child, Masood Azhar this time in UN'
New Delhi, Mar.8 (HS): China will not oppose the resolution of United Nations of which members are trying hard to declare Pakistani terrorist and Jaish-e-Mohammad mastermind as terrorist. Col. RSN Singh, defence analyst and who served in Research and Analysis wing (RAW) has also said that he would not be surprised if China would go against Masood Azhar in United Nations proposed attempt to declare Azhar as terrorist. Putting behind the logic for his opinion, Singh said that this time India had chosen Balakot as it strategic target and Indian Air Force attacked Jaish-e-Mohammad important terror camp there, had, actually, threatened the Chinese interest in Pakistan because China and Pakistan Economic corridor was also crossing Balakot and Chinese proposed Karakoram Highways is just 35 kilometers from Balakot. So, India, shrewdly, has chosen its target that is a cause for anxiety for China because its project has been under Indian target. However, Singh also said that China has itself created a giant like Masood Azhar and now it may be his victim since if it would be going to go against Masood, he may also target the CPEC so China is weighing its option and trying to pacify warring countries India and Paksitan. Meanwhile, Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi said that China welcome the efforts of Pakistan and India in the last couple of days to de-escalate tensions but India establishment have been vociferous on this issue and maintaining that operation is not over and it will target terror infrastructure in Pakistan in near future also. However, China is trying to neutralize the tension because if it continues it may hamper the progress of CPEC. In between it may go without saying that CPEC is also existing in Baluchistan and people of this area is on course of revolution against Pakistan and even Baluchi is not liking Chinese presence in their area because they think that their interest has been sold to CPEC in the hands of China. It also worthwhile to mention here that CPEC is also crossing through Pakistan occupied Kashmir, another head ache for China. So, in this situation Singh has very aptly said that China may forget its own child Masood Azhar. That is why, its foreign minister, Wang Yi tells that present crisis between India and Pakistan should be transformed into opportunity and meet each other halfway. More than that Wang Yi says China ''played a constructive role'' in ''mediation efforts'' and in ''defusing'' Indo-Pak tensions. Says China wants to see fundamental improvement in relations. China foreign minister says that the recent events have refocused the international attention on Pakistan, India relations. China has called for the need to exercise calm restraint and prevent an escalation and resolve the matter through dialogue. In the meantime, sovereignty and territorial integrity should be dully respected. China has played a constructive role and both India and Pakistan have indicated the desire to de-escalate, he added. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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