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Birth anniversary of Mahendra Mishir will be observed with fanfare: SDO

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 8 2019 1:12PM
Birth anniversary of Mahendra Mishir will be observed with fanfare: SDO
Chapra, Mar 08 (HS): Birth anniversary of legendary Bhojpuri folk singer and promulgator of ''Puravia'' style Mahendra Mishir will be observed with great fanfare on 16 March. It was decided in a meeting held under presidentship of SDO Lokesh Mishra here today. MLA Vijay Shankar was also present in the meeting. SDO said that anniversary of Mishirji will be celebrated at Jalalpur block office and a seminar will also be organised. Local artistes will present a cultural programme based on Purvi style. MLA Vijay Shankar said that printing work of the Bhojpuri Ramayan written by Mahendra Mishir is at advanced stage and it will be released on the occasion. SDO instructed the BDO of Jalalpur to expedite the works under Saat Nischay Yojna at Mishirwaliya village, birth place of Mahendra Mishir. It is to be mentioned that Mahendra Mishir was a great freedom fighter also and he was instrumental in printing fake notes against the British rule. One of the Intel officer in the name of Gopichand started working with him and earned his confidence. Mahendra Mishir was very fond of beetle (Paan) and Gopichand served him the beat of Paan. Later, he was arrested. When Mahendra Mishra saw him in the court as an officer, a song instantly escaped his lips that is ''Pakal pakal panva, Khiya ke Gopi Chandva, Piritiya laga ke bhej diyo Jailwa'' (By offering yellow leaves of beetle, Gopichand instilled love and affection and managed to send him to jail.) Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Shri Ram\
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