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Kolkata Metro Rail services disrupted once again

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 7 2019 8:51PM
Kolkata Metro Rail services disrupted once again
Kolkata, 7 March (HS): For the second time this month, normal services of Kolkata Metro Railway came to a halt for more than an hour today following the detection of fire and smoke under one coach and on the third rail at Dum Dum station, causing severe inconveniences to thousands of daily commuters and other passengers. Describing the incident as yet another ''technical fault'' in a nearly three decade old rake of the city''s underground railway, Kolkata Metro Railway Chief Public Relations Manager Indrani Banerjee told Hindusthan Samachar here this afternoon that as soon as the Kabi Subhas station bound train left Dum Dum station in North Kolkata at around 1-30 p.m.smoke and fire were noticed under one of the coaches and in the third rail which supplied high voltage electricity to the train for its running Realizing the danger and attracted by the shouts of some passengers,the driver applied emergency brakes to stop the train immediately.Soon the electricity from the third rail was cut off as a preventive step by the Metro rail authorities before making arrangements to enable the passengers inside the train to come out from the guards cabin one by one on to the Dum Dum station platform after walking a little distance. Though several passengers were panic stricken,none was however,injured in a rush to come out from the train coaches, Banerjee said.Soon Railway engineers from Noapara Railway yard rushed to the spot and brought the affected train back to the workshop for inspection and repair,she said adding that as a result normal services between Dum Dum to Girish Park station in the North and Kabi Subhas to Mahatma Gandhi Road station in South Kolkata was stopped for a little more than an hour.The normal services in the entire 22 km stretch(from Noapara to Kabi Subhas) was resumed after 2-30.p.m. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur Bhattacharya/Manohar \
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