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Corruption in Rafael deal must be examined: Rahul Gandhi

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 7 2019 2:56PM
Corruption in Rafael deal must be examined: Rahul Gandhi
Congress president once again targets PM Modi for “favouring” Anil Ambani New Delhi, Mar 07 (HS): Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for having parallel talks in the matter of Rafael deal and said that the government must have first conducted inquiry on the Prime Minister himself. While addressing a press conference in connection with the event of “stealing” Rafael documents from the Ministry of Defence, he made clear that first of all corruption involved in Rafael deal must have been examined. The press conference was held at the Congress headquarters in Delhi when Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that government’s claim of theft of Rafael documents from the Ministry of Defence in the Supreme Court in itself evidently proof that the government has considered the stolen documents as duly certified. Moreover, this evidence shows that the Prime Minister''s Office was having parallel talks in the matter of Rafael deal. He further said that documentary price of the new Rafael deal was higher to that was agreed upon during the tenure of previous Congress government. The new deal also mentioned delay in delivery of Rafael aircraft to India. He considers the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as directly and exclusively responsible for all these. And therefore his Congress party demands that the first of all an inquiry should have been conducted to examine these issues of corruption in which the Prime Minister is directly and exclusively responsible. He asserted that if Rafael deal is free of any corruption then the Prime Minister should not have any objection of its investigation. It is notable that in the beginning of the press conference, Rahul said, "ek naee lain nikalee hai, gaayab ho gaee hai……..(A new line has emerged, disappeared)”. He extended scope of this new line and further said employment of 20 million youth disappeared, farmers'' fair price disappeared, promise of 15 lakh rupees to the bank accounts of each citizen disappeared, demonetization and GST business disappeared, Doklam disappeared and now Rafael''s files also disappeared. Rahul said that now the government is saying that inquiry against media would be conducted because documents of Rafael have been stolen. But no inquiry would be conducted against whom who had scammed 30 thousand crores of rupees. He said that the main thing of the present government machinery is to defend and save only Narendra Modi at every cost. He again blamed that Narendra Modi has personally favoured to Anil Ambani by giving him this deal. Hindusthan Samachar/Anup/Ashwani/Ram\
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