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A book exhibition on Jainism inaugurated

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 6 2019 10:51PM
A book exhibition on Jainism inaugurated
Andhra Pradesh :Vijayawada, March 6 (H S) As part of Sri Sambhavanadh Bhagawaan mandir pratista mahotsav in city, on the sixth day - Wednesday, a book exhibition on Jainism was inaugurated by Jain Acharya Sri Vijay Ajit Sooreeswarji at Sambhav nagar (punnami Ghat)-the place of celebrations.On this occasion, he released a CD on the book ''Jainology- principles of Jainism'' authored by another prominent Jain Acharya Sri Bhavana Bhanu sooreeswarji.Some important books on Jainism - Amidristi, Purity Purified, Faith personified, Jainism - Special gift to Mankind, and some other books for children with tales and cartoons also are displaying at the exhibition.Jaina Acharya also inaugurated ''Sravan Aarogyam'' center in Vijayawada city.The primaru object of this center is to serve and provide health care for Jain monks who are continuously move place to place on foot.''Sravan Aarogyam'' trust is a national organisation head quarters at Mumbai established to look after the health care of jain monks with health insurance scheme.The organisers of the ''Sravan Aarogyam'' trust Vijayawada unit has informed that at present the Jain socity consists of about 25,000 monks including women.Amongm them about 12,000 are registered under this health scheme. The organisers informed that the society contribute the premium for health care insurance and also in touch withe monks who are in padayatra to inquire on their health conditions and if necessary, the local unit of ''Sravan Aarogyam'' witll take care of providing medical services through a local hospital.The said that about 14,000 hospitals across the county have a MoU with the trust to provide health care serive under health insurance.They said that the trust has a corpus fund to the extent of Rs 121 crore recieve through contributions from Jain community only. ---------------K R K Reddy, Hindustan Samaachar, Vijayawada \
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