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Women carpenters felicitated as part of women empowerment initiative

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 6 2019 7:48PM
Women carpenters felicitated as part of women empowerment initiative
A team of 8 young and middle aged housewives from Kerala are among 750 women carpenters who have been trained and employed by Kochi based women Self Help Group ''Archana Women''s Centre'' under the leadership of Sister Taheresiamma Mathew who has left no stone unturned to motivate and bring these very poor women from extremely backward families in India''s Southern most state to become economically self sufficient within a year or two by helping them learn the tricks of the trade. Felicitating some of these women entrepreneurs on the occasion of the World Women''s day and promote their endevours in a sustainable manner,India''s leading plywood manufacturer ''Greenply'' here today announced its decision to join hands with Archana Women''s Centre to encourage the business of carpentry among the country''s womenfolk to unshackle the male dominated profession in a big way. Speaking to Hindusthan Samachar on the sidelines of a programme to felicitate the 8 member team of women carpenters from Kerala, their leader,a 42 year housewife from Kochi and the mother two children Ommona Sochi said after a month long training in a workshop they had made a full size wardrobe with Greenply plywood in just 48 hours as per the demand of a local customer which was very well appreciated by all. ''It is just the beginning since we are also capable of making doors,windows,dining and other tables, chairs and anything which could be made of wood'',they said in unison. Also speaking on the sidelines Greenply Managing Director Rajesh Mittal told HS that under the joint initiative to encourage more women to break the shackle, they would provide expertise to the NGO to various other training programmes including those of mechanical skills and the knowledge about new technology to meet the growing challenges of carpentry in today''s world.''At every stage we attempt to find ways to empower and include women workforce in our ecosystem where they can lead the plywood industry to move forward'', Mittal said and claimed that they themselves had employed over 550 women in their Group so far. Also speaking on the occasion Sister Mathew said her goal was to ''dismantle the barriers of gender inequality and discrimination, being largely prevailed in a male dominated society in technical employment sector. Because of these factors we only train under privileged women in the society and arm them with the weapon of self reliance and dignity to combat the livelihood challenges and come our successfully. As a result all these women as small entrepreneurs had been earning to the tune of Rs 800 to Rs1,000 per day and had become self reliant, she said with pride. Among others Sanidhya Mittal, Executive Director of Greenply which currently enjoys about 26 per cent market share in the organised plywood sector in India,was present. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Pramod \
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