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Modi to visit UP again next Friday to roll out some new schemes

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 6 2019 3:47PM
Modi to visit UP again next Friday to roll out some new schemes
Lucknow,March 6(HS)Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had visited Uttar Pradesh last Sunday will come to the state again on Friday, in less than a week. His frequent visits are understandable.The state sends the largest contingent to the Lok Sabha.It had elected as many as 71 party members and sent to the House five years ago, which had largely helped it form the government at the Centre. Neither would he nor the party like to loosen the grip over the state and yield ground to the opposition. The realities are different this time and,therefore, a bigger challenge is in store for the party.Two old enemies have come together,forgetting the past.They have one common goal --to upset BJP applecart. Modi and other leaders of the party know the importance of the state.They know that the road to Delhi passes through it.So,he is scheduled to come again after two days and is likely to keep on visiting the state again and again till the next general election. His schedule this week is very tight.He is likely to visit several places in the state and launch several new schemes . He will dedicate to the nation some old ones,too. His programmes include a visit to Varanasi,his second home and launching of some new projects. In addition, the PM is scheduled to roll out two metro projects, one for Agra and another for Kanpur. The Uttar Pradesh cabinet has already approved these schemes.The government had earlier given its nod to another rail project,Lucknow Metro, which has been already completed.It wil make its maiden journey the same day (March 8). HS/RN
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