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‘Balakot’ is over, now situation will be handled diplomatically: MHA sources

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 5 2019 5:52PM
‘Balakot’ is over, now situation will be handled diplomatically: MHA sources
New Delhi, Mar.5 (HS): Action in ‘Balakot’ is over and now central government is focussed on building pressure on pakistan. At the same time, conversation of prime minister, minister of external affairs has built sufficient pressure to release wing commander Abhinanadan Even, Pak foreign minister has accepted Masood Azhar is in pakistan. Authorities in Pak knows Azhar is in and touch with him. Paksitan foreign minister has not denied that Azhar is chief of JeM, in response to a question by CNN Now, efforts are hinging on to demonstrable action by Pakistan. Mere leaks to media will not do And we want to see ‘naya action" by naya Pakistan’. This is all about the stand taken by government of India in relation to high alert situation prevailing after Pulwama attack, a home ministry (MHA) sources infromed this today. MHA sources also says that Pakistan ambassador to the US claimed no organised terror group in India that is responsible for subversive activities in country. But now, objectibve of pak govt is to pretend they taking action and showing the international community as such.So, government of India efforts are now is to reach out to UNSC for listing Azhar as terrorist under article-1267 of UNSC, the sources adds. Meanwhile, Pakistan is trying to deflect attention from its conglomeration with terrorist, the sources further adds. However, Pakistan is saying that India is threatening with military but it is totally incorrect. But as per as India’s preparation for handling situation is concerned its all sukhoi-30 planes are strong enough to be accountable. As per as submarine preparedness of India, Pakistan is showing pictures of 18 nov 2016 because they want to keep their population diluted and to heighten sense of fear among them so that can carry proxy war aginst India, the MHA source concludes. But it is worthwhile to mention here that yesterday Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa had said that India operation against terrorism was not over in contradiction to whatever MHA sources says today. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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