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SP-BSP combine to play some old tricks to put BJP on the mat

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 5 2019 1:51PM
SP-BSP combine to play some old tricks to put BJP on the mat
Lucknow,March 5(HS) In a bid to prevent BJP from coming back to power,two major political parties in Uttar Pradesh,the SP and the BSP,are doing everything possible and not leaving anything to chance. In addition to new,therefore,these parties will play some old tricks. The BSP,had bagged a majority of Assembly seats on its own in 2007 due to a new caste combination. It is all -set to try the same in the forthcoming general election.The SP,on the other hand,has eyes on Muslims who had helped the party rule the state three times. The BSP had made efforts to woo the community in the last Assembly elections by offering hundred seats,more than what was allotted to Dalits,its traditional voters.The experiment,however,had not worked to party''s favour. The BJP swept the poll. Turning wise,the party will lay stress on the upper castes this year.It hopes to gain from it considerably.While this may erode the BJP''s vote-base,it may help it collect additional votes. Among the upper castes,Brahmins had largely backed the BJP in the previous poll.To wean them away is not an easy task,but the indications are that the BSP would try it once again. The party had discarded its anti-upper caste slogan in 2007 and had fallen for Brahmins which had paid dividend.It was able to form government in the state on its own. In the past it had to either depend on the BJP or the SP to head the government. The SP hopes to gain from Jat-Muslim-Yadav combination.The Jats play a major role in some western areas of the state.The same equation had helped defeat a BJP member in the by-election in Kairana. The SP has made a sacrifice for Jat-dominated Rashtriya Lok Dal,keeping only this in mind. BSP leader Mawawati was not in favour of giving more than two seats to the party.The SP went the extra mile and offered one more from its own quota to the RLD. The problem that the SP faces is that a section of leaders and workers are opposed to allotment some constituencies to the party by the BSP. The latter has played a dominant role which has not been liked by this section either.Even the party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav has spoken against it and predicted that the SP-BSP combine would not win more than 25-30 seats in this light. Party president Akhilesh Yadav,in addition, has to face estranged uncle Shivpal Singh Yadav,who has floated a new party and promised to field candidates on all the 80 Lok Sabha seats in the state,excepting one for Mulayam, if he decides to contest and seeks support. Those angry with the SP and the BSP have approached this party for tickets. Some of them are also in touch with the Congress which may oblige a few rebels,too. The scale has already tilted in favour of the BJP,if one goes by a recent survey, because of these and some other reasons including air attack on terrorists'' camps.It has predicted plus-40 seats for the party,12 up from the previous survey. HS/RN
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