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...When Nadda plays a Good Samaritan

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 5 2019 12:54PM
...When Nadda plays a Good Samaritan
By Law Kumar Mishra Makes an unscheduled visit to Patna University with his wife and son Health and family welfare minister comes to aid of a grade 4 employee Patna, Mar 05 (HS): The union health and family welfare minister, J P Nadda, made an unscheduled visit to Patna University with his wife and son, just to show them, his birth place at Rani Ghat from where he used to swim daily to Sonepur crossing Ganga and he was declared the junior national swimming champion. Nadda was on a personal visit to Darbhanga House, where his father Narain Lal Nadda, was university head of the department of applied economics and commerce for 28 years. He also visited Kali Mandir, where he used to worship during his student days in Patna College from where he graduated and Rani Ghat professors quarters, where he was born. He said, his son was pressing him to see the place where his grand father worked and lived. JP Nadda and his family became emotional as they entered the Darbhanga House. Prof Chandrama Singh, who was one of the students of N L Nadda for nine years is now dean of commerce faculty. He instantly arranged a audio-video talk between the grand son, and son with N L Nadda at his Vijaypur (Bilaspur district in HP) and showed him his chamber. N L Nadda in his late 80s talked to other faculty members. JP Nadda asked his son to briefly occupy the chair which was occupied by his grand father for 28 years. The octogenarian N L Nadda was visibly happy to watch the entire event on mobile in presence of the union IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad. Binod Kumar Singh, a grade four employee of the PG department touched the union minister''s feet. He inquired about his family. Binod complained that his job has not been confirmed as yet. Nadda caught the arms of the vice-chancellor, Rash Bihari Singh, and told him - “Binod was employed by my father. Surprising, his services are yet to be confirmed. Binod used to make we brothers learn cycling at our Rani Ghat quarters. Please respect my father and confirm his service”. The family went to Rani Ghat professors quarters, where the union minister was born in December,1960 and where he spent his childhood. Nadda had his schooling at St Xaviers school, graduation from Patna College (where he met some old teachers and employees and showed his class room to wife and son). The professors quarters is now occupied by Dr P N Mishra, superintendent of Patna University central hospital. Mishras entertained the Nadda family with snacks and conducted them to different rooms of Nadda family members, including study room of the now union minister. Shawls and sweets were presented to them. Union law and justice minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad and union minister of state for health, Ashwini Kumar Chaubey, both products of Patna University were with Nadda during his brief trip to his college. Both Prasad and Chaubey were leaders of students union in Patna University. Nadda was secretary of the union when Chaubey was its president. Prasad was secretary when Lalu Prasad was elected president. Nadda recalled, he was visiting his birth-place after 30 years, though he used to visit Bihar during elections and later as union minister. Hindusthan Samachar/Law K Mishra/Shri Ram Shaw\
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