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Sugar Mill not to purchase rejected variety of sugar cane

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 4 2019 7:54PM
Sugar Mill not to purchase rejected variety of sugar cane
Chapra/Gopalganj,Mar.4(HS): Sugar Mills of Gopalganj will not purchase the rejected varieties of sugar canes to avoid further loss.The Mill has not made payment to cane growers for the purchase till 28 February. DM Animesh Kumar had instructed sugar mills to provide free chalan so that the growers may dump the rejected variety sugar cane and and further sow high quality of sugar cane. According to information rejected variety in one acre yield 150 to 200 quintals where as improved quality yield is 450 to 500 quintals. The price also differs and the growers bear the loss of 55 Rs per quintal for rejected variety . On the other hand the Mill also incurs the loss of three to four percent recovery. The Mill has rejected varieties of 91269,147, BO 1010, TOP 2061. Agriculture scientists have advised to sow improved quality of sugar cane which are CO118, CO238, TOP9301. Sugar Mill is making available the high quality seeds. MD of Vishnu Sugar Mill PRS Pannikar told that cane growers can get it from the Mill by contacting the sugar cane department of the Mill. Cane growers are beibg advised not to use the rejected variety . DM, Animesh Kumar Parashar said that in the interest of the cane growers had been advised not to sow rejected variety . Hindusthan Samachar/Rakesh/Pramod \
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