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Mis-usse of F-16 aginst India may cause harm to Pakistan internationally

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 4 2019 1:44PM
Mis-usse of F-16 aginst India may cause harm to Pakistan internationally
\RNew Delhi, Mar.4 (HS): Pakistan has been trapped in its own net in relation to misuse of air-craft F-16 during aggression against India in order to counter the political situation prevailed after air-strike by Indian air force. Just a day after, in Majlis-e-shura (Pakistani parliament) leader belonging to Pakistan People''s Party Heena Rabbani asked Imran Khan to reply for air attack on Jaish training camp by India.But in misadventure next day Pakistan had attacked Indian military installations with all its of fleet of F-16 that was supplied to this country for countering terrorism. But, it was repelled by Indian air-force patrolling party of which wing commander, Abhinandan Varthaman who parachuted to PoK.Now, Indian security forces has exposed Pakistan by showing during a press conference, a part of missile that can only be fitted with F-16 air-craft. Now, the United States of America time and again asking Pakistan to refute charges leveled by Indian security establishment. It is worthwhile to mention here that F-16 was supplied to Pakistan for tightening noose against terrorism but in this case Pakistan has supported terrorism with this air-craft and made an incursion aginst India that is countering terrorism.Menwhile, Defence analyst RK Yadav is also of the opinion that the US can punish Pakistan for breach of agreement for getting F-16.Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod\R
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