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Indo-Pak tensions: Cyberspace was abuzz with rumours and fake news

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 4 2019 10:00AM
Indo-Pak tensions: Cyberspace was abuzz with rumours and fake news
New Delhi, Mar.4 (HS): Just Pulwama attack hackers from Pakistan targeted India cyber space and attacked over 90 Indian government websites and critical systems within hours of the Pulwama suicide strike by a Jaish-e-Mohammed. Senior officials in the security establishment said on condition of anonymity that there was an unusual surge of activity, attempts to breach systems. Actuall, so ferocious was the attack that India had to resort to “offensive measures” in the cyber domain to counter them, a second official from Indian intelligence service said. However, the officials also added that the attackers were not in a position to breach firewalls and protective measures of critical systems. But according to them financial systems and power grid management were specially targeted by Pakistanis miscreants. Strangelely, the attacks against Indian cyber networks came from Bangladesh – a country that is much more friendly to India. But there are several inimical groups in Bangladesh that are attacking Indian interest time and again. Meanwhile, a senior officer of IB said that they are off course used to such type attack and he is not surprised at all. But it was fortunate that after successive waves of attacks were thwarted, the government advised all departments to not violate “Standard Operating Procedures” and be on the alert. The exact nature and extent of India’s offensive operation, and the agencies behind this aren’t known, and none of the officials elaborated on this point. However, officials said that offensive capabilities helped India to get a grip of the situation but a private professional told Hindusthan Samachar that move of Pakistani hackers was also detrimental to Pakistan but they were the people who always took chances. Meanwhile, another official of security establishment said that hackers move was totally countered so they sought to manage information flow in order to create chaos and confusion resulting in circulation of rumours and fake news. For instance, a day after India’s strike on a Jaish camp in Pakistan, and on the same day as Pakistan’s attempted counter-strike, social media buzzed with the alleged sacking of Commander-in-Chief of the Western Air Command Air Marshal C Hari Kumar. Even as this was dying down, another rumour surfaced, talking of huge casualties to Indian forces in Rajouri. The Indian army is hard on the heels of a person or group of people who were behind this, the third official said. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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