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Overall lead: Modi makes a counter attack on Rahul on his home turf

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 3 2019 7:37PM
Overall lead: Modi makes a counter attack on Rahul on his home turf
Amethi(UP),March 3(HS)Making a scathing attack on the Congress-led government in general and party president Rahul gandhi in particular in his bastion,Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused them of neglecting the defence sector and farmers. The Prime Minister came here after addressing a rally at Patna where he had charged the opposition with giving Pakistan an alibi."It is speaking Pakistan''s language and therefore being cheered by that country".A large crowd had collected there to listen to him. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan were among those present. Adressing a public rally on Sunday,after dedicating to nation or laying foundation of 17 projects worth Rs 538 crores here ,he gave several examples to prove his points.Time to time he sought the opinion of the crowd on certain issues and remarks to which it responded in his favour. Modi replied to all the charges levelled against him recently by Rahul Gandhi and hoped that this constituency represented by the latter will script a \"new history\",the \" echo\ of which will be heard far and wide". Union Textile minister Smriti Irani had fought against him in 2014 and was defeated.He hoped the narrative to change this time.In addition to Irani, UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath and defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman were present on the occasion. Modi ,in his maiden visit as PM recalled several schemes which were launched during the UPA and which had made little or no progress.The ordnanace factory set up with Russian help which was inaugurated on Sunday was one of them.He told the audience that this proposal was mooted several years ago.Foundation stone was laid by Rahul in 2007. He had promised to make it operational in 2010. The project,however, did baby-stepping.Land was acquired only when the BJP government came to power in the state.Rahul and some other UPA leaders had promised to help set up cycle and steel factories in the area,too.These promises were also not fulfilled.The reason behind is his priority."Family and friends are his priority and not the development of this area or the nation",he charged and asked the people to tell who is a lier,he or Rahul". The crowd shouted "Rahul,Rahul". At this stage "Rahul chor hai,Rahul chor hai", slogan was also raised by a section of the crowd for a considerable time.Denying some other charges, he said, there was no hanky-panky in Rafale deal.Every institution has said so but Rahul would not change stannce because " the deal was struck without a middleman". He announced that the first batch of Rafale aircrafts would arrive in the country soon.It will strengthen the Air Force further and help fight the enemies more strongly. The ordinance factory in Amethi will produce over seven lakh AK-203 assault rifle, using the latest technology, per year.This made in Amethi rifle,besides being supplied to the army,will be exported.A number of ancilliary units will be set up in the area because of this factory and additional emploment provided. The Russian government will transfer the technology to the country in three years and then the rifle will be produced indigenously.The PM thanked Russian president Vladimir Putin who had sent a message congratulating the government for successfully implemented the scheme. Smriti Irani even after defeat is frequenting the constituency and helping the needy to gain support in future.She is likely to contest against Rahul again. Modi also visits the state frequently.He is likely come again on March 8 to launch two metro projects,one at Agra and the other at Kanpur. HS/RN
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