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Fundamental right to practice religion under attack in Sikkim: Hamro Sikkim Party

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 3 2019 9:12AM
Fundamental right to practice religion under attack in Sikkim: Hamro Sikkim Party
By Shri Ram Shaw Urges govt to take constructive steps to redress Heavenly Path Organisation’s grievances New Delhi/Gangtok (Sikkim), Mar 03 (HS): Hamro Sikkim Party, recently formed by Bhaichung Bhutia and other progressive leaders of Sikkim, has condemned and denounced “the repression unleashed by the Pawan Chamling Government on the spiritual congregation named Heavenly Path Organisation”. Biraj Adhikari, Chief Spokesperson, Hamro Sikkim Party, told Hindusthan Samachar over phone from Gangtok this morning that for the last 25 years, this Government has created a claustrophobic atmosphere of intolerance and authoritarianism in the state. Fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of India are being trampled every day in Sikkim. In the case of Heavenly Path, the same highhandedness is being observed by open violation of the Freedom of Religion. Right to practice beliefs and promote the teachings of spiritual guides is a core feature of India’s multi-religious and multi-cultural society and the Chamling Government’s obstruction in this regard is illegal, unconstitutional and against the interest of the nation, he added. Adhikari alleged that reportedly, for years the followers of Heavenly Path have not been allowed to bring their spiritual guide Swami Om Nanda to the state of Sikkim and they are being politically victimised, threatened, harassed and mentally tortured to give up practicing the philosophies and teachings of their religious beacon. He added that Hamro Sikkim Party expresses solidarity to and extends support for the ongoing peaceful protest through Hunger Strike at Gangtok by members of Heavenly Path Organisation to highlight their demand of permitting their spiritual guide to visit Sikkim and their being able to practice their religious beliefs without any restraint from the government. Adhikari said that we call upon the Government to meet the Heavenly Path Organisation members, who are on hunger strike braving battering rain and cold windy weather since 25th February and take immediate and constructive steps to redress their grievances so that democracy and the Constitution prevail in Sikkim. Hindusthan Samachar/Shri Ram Shaw
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