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US seeks information from Pakistan on misuse of F-16 fighter plane

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 2 2019 6:13PM
US seeks information from Pakistan on misuse of F-16 fighter plane
Washington, 2 March(HS): After India has put forth evidence of misusing F-16 fighter plane against India by Pakistan the US administration is seeking more information from Pakistan. According to US, if the plane was misused against India during its so called aggression of LOC adjoining India, it is clear cut violation of end-user agreement, the US department has said in its report. It is worthwhile to mention here that the Indian Air Force on Thursday displayed damaged parts of AMRAAM missile that can be fitted only with F-16. It is a potential evidence against Pakistan for misusing the plane that supplied for warfare against terrorism but in this case Pakistan has utilised the plane favoring terrorist activities. It is also a cause of concern for the US that perceive Pakistan for misusing the plane against a sovereign country that is engaged in countering terrorism emanating from Pakistan. Even, Pakistan targetted Indian military installations and fired the said missile on military premises located in Kashmir. It may be noted that India has attacked the training camps run by Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammad on 14th February. However, Pakistan on Wednesday refuted use of no F-16 fighter jets against India as well as denied the crashing down of one of its planes by the Indian Air Forces(IAF).The US State Department is aware of the above report and is seeking more information regarding the violation of the end user agreement between Pakistan and the United States of America. According to US Pentagon''s Defense Security and Cooperation Agency(DSCA),F-16 jets were given to Pakistan to enhance their counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations.The US has gone ahead with ascertaining all the facts on the ground and will act on evidence if there is found any violation of Pakistan''s F-16 end-user agreement with the US. Earlier during a Congressional hearing on 20 July,2006, John Miller, the then assistant secretary of state for political military affairs had already put Pakistan''s future purchase of F-16 Fighter jets under strict restrictions radar under the security provisions for Pakistan.According to the then top US department of State official,Miller had clearly set the rules for Pakistan ''s use of F-16 jets on any third nation without prior intimation to the United States administration. Hindusthan Samachar /Rahul/Pramod \
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