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Abhinandan back and Pakistanis, claimouring for Nobel peace prize for Imran

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 2 2019 12:45PM
Abhinandan back and Pakistanis, claimouring for Nobel peace prize for Imran
New Delhi, Mar.2 (HS): After a high voltage day long drama India pilot wing commander, Abhinandan was handed over to Indian authorities at Wagha border of India (Amritsar) and now people of Pakistan are claimouring for Nobel peace prize for their prime minister popularly known as Taliban Khan. But, strangely, they are giving bizare reason for it. They are saying that by releasing wing commander Abhinandan, Imran Khan has obliged India hugely. That is why they are claiming Nobel prize for thier prime minister. It is worthwhile to mention here that wing commander Abhinandan was captured by Pakistan when he parachuted to PoK as his plane MIG-20 crashed countering Pakistani F-16 plane. However, he had shot down F-16 but captured by Pakistanis. So, Pakistanis are viewing this as good will gesture as Imran Khan also said it as the same when he was declaring the release of Abhinandan. Unfortunately, Imran had forgot Geneva convention that compels any country to release his enemy country''s jawan in during war of war like situation. Paksitanis are expressing their views on social media. Meanwhile, American comedian Jeremy McClellan wondered: " Can we take Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize away and give it to Imran Khan? His post was retweeted over 12,000 times and liked by 38000 thousands people. Hindusthan Samachar/Pramod
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