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Two BJP allies in UP may meet Shah again next week

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Mar 1 2019 7:11PM
Two BJP allies in UP may meet Shah again next week
Lucknow,March 1(HS) The BJP president Amit Shah who has met leaders of two UP allies of the party in Delhi ,a couple of days ago,are likely to have talks with them again next week and work out the seat-sharing formula . Of the two,president of the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party, Om Prakash Rahbhar,may meet him on Tuesday,according to party sources here. He has several demands out of which one has been already met.He has been allotted a bunglow in a central locality to set up party office.The party''s other demand is allotment of five Lok Sabha seats. Ashish Singh Patel ,president of the other ally,Apna Dal (S), has also had talks with Shah.He had called on him on Wednesday last.This ally is looking for ten Lok Sabha seats.It had won only two in the previous poll. The BJP is unlikely to leave so many seats for the allies.It may offer three or four seats to the Apna Dal and one or two to the other ally.The Apna Dal had fielded candidates on three seats out of which two were successful. The other ally,SBSP, had drawn a blank in the general election though it had won four seats in the Assembly elections in 2017. Both have got feelers from some anti-BJP parties including the Congress.As their separation may cause considerable damage to the BJP in central and eastern UP,the party leadership is likely to to find some way to please them. The Apna Dal has Kurmis as the main supporters.Numerically,this caste is stronger than other non-Yadav backward castes.Some political observers have estimated its population as 10 per cent of the total. Rajbhar caste is dominant in some eastern parts of UP. These two,therefore,cannot be ignored by the party. HS/RN
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