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All political parties must unite to face Pak onslaughts: NPP

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Feb 28 2019 7:21PM
All political parties must unite to face Pak onslaughts: NPP
Jammu, Feb 28 (HS): Urging upon the entire political class in the country to come together and back the government and armed forces in the present situation, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former Minister said it was the time to display unity so as to defeat the sinister designs of the enemies of the nation. He said that Pakistan could not defeat India in direct conflict but could take advantage of India’s fractitious polity at a time when elections in the country were round the corner. At the same time, the govt should also refrain from drawing any political mileage out of the situation, said Singh. Maintaining that the credit for successful counter terror operations went mostly to IAF and military brass, Singh said that the people of the country had seen and heard and will draw their own conclusions. He said that all political parties could earn peoples goodwill if they could demonstrate that despite their huge political differences they were united in their resolve against terror and the enemies of nation. Hailing the armed forces for their successful operation, Harsh Dev Singh said that it was now time to use diplomatic levers rather than kinetic energy. Terror attacks and counter attacks should be seen in the context of their own without allowing them to spill over to open hostilities and resultant wars, he said. Nuclear nations can’t afford military adventurism only for political gains, said Harsh. He said that Pakistan must be made to understand that it could vanish from the world map if it continued to use terror as an instrument of state policy. He said that GoI had rightly explained that the operation was a pre emptive strike as a measure of anticipatory self defence move to deter imminent Jehadi attacks. Calling upon the govt of India to seek the assistance of International community to isolate and finish Pakistan through diplomatic moves, Singh said that it needed to take benefit of present world opinion against Pak. He said that open admission of Pak based JeM in executing the deadly Pulwama attack besides other Jehadi terror attacks were sufficient proof for the international community to take action against the rogue nation and its terror training camps. He said that India needed to pursue some hard options against Pakistan for its declaration as a terrorist state in view of its proven terrorist credentials. He said that stoppage of Pak aid and imposition of sanctions against the rogue nation needed to be pursued vigorously with the world community. Likewise, he said India must urge the ICC to ban Pakistan from the coming cricket world cup with a stern warming to it to choose between terror and cricket. He said that precedent existed in this regard as South Africa was banned under Apartheid. “No opportunity should be left unveiled to isolate Pakistan at the International level by the Govt. And all political parties must unite to check the external forces from sowing the seeds of interval division in the overall interests of the nation and its people”, said Singh. Hindusthan Samachar/Ranjit/Balwan/Ram \
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