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Apna Dal(S) president meets Shah,calls meeting positive

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Feb 28 2019 6:58PM
Apna Dal(S) president meets Shah,calls meeting positive
Lucknow,February 28(HS) There is a thaw in the relationship between the BJP and the Apna DAL(S),one of the two party allies in Uttar Pradesh. It was visible here on Thursday. The meeting of the core group of party which was scheduled to be held held on Thursday to decide the future course of action has been postponed.President of the party Ashish Singh Patel who met BJP president Amit Shah in Delhi on Wednesday looked relaxed.There was no sign of tension. Though he still has some complaints against some leaders of the BJP, but has told newsmen that his meeting with Shah ended on a positive note.He has discussed the issues which have strained the relationship. He has not named these persons but he is believed to nursing some grudge against some local leaders.His wife Anupriya Patel is a minister at the Centre but she has not been invited to official functions organised by the government in connection with welfare programmes, The other party demands included appointment of Dalits and members of backward castes in 50 per cent police stations. The mood in the party was different last week.Anupriya had told workers at Bareilly that the BJP was not "caring for the allies".Also that a meeting of core group has been called to discuss this and other issues and to decide the future course of action. There were reports that the party was in touch with the Congress and that it was not opposed to an alliance with the Congress. One newspaper report had even mentioned that the Congress has agreed to allot eight out of total 80 Lok Sabha seats in the state to the party.These reports were dismissed as lies on Thursday. The new development may have also something to do with announcement of formation of a new party by one of its two MPs,Haribansh Singh.Singh had won 2014 general election from Pratapgarh.Mirzapur was another seat which was captured by the party five years ago in alliance with the BJP. The party has one more faction which is led by her mother,Krishna Patel.She may also contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election.Besides two Lok Sabha,the party had won nine UP Assembly seats in 2017. Another BJP ally in UP,Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party,has also met Shah and called the meeting "positive". HS/RN
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