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Former IAF and Army Officers hail the news of release of Wing Commander Avinandan from Pak custody

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Feb 28 2019 6:52PM
Former IAF and Army Officers hail the news of release of Wing Commander Avinandan from Pak custody
Kolkata, 28 February (HS): A large number of former Indian Air Force (IAF) and Army officers including former Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha today hailed the Pakistan Prime minister''s announcement to release IAF Wing Commander Avinandan Bartaman from its custody tomorrow and felt that it was a tremendous victory of Indian diplomacy at the international level. Giving their reactions after the news of the possible release of the Wing Commander was announced by Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan at the joint session of Parliament in Lahore(which was telecast live in various news TV channels across the country) this afternoon,the former Air Chief Marshal Raha along with former Major General Prabir Das,former Brigadier General Prabir Sanyal and former Director General of Border Security Force(BSF) Samir Mitra here today congratulated the IAF pilots for their tremendous capability in warding off any foreign attack. We also thank the Pakistan Prime minister for realising the gravity of the situation on time and take the necessary step in the right direction,they said and hoped that the current tense situatiuon in both the countries would now be deescalated to a great extent. Pakistan must have realised its limitations, they said and referring to the clauses of the Geneva Convention said under the Convention guidelines no country was allowed to violate any of its rule and face the all out opposition from the entire world, Air Chief Marshal Raha said echoing similar comments made by other senior offers this afternoon.Though it was yet to be announced by Pakistan how and when the Wing Commander would be released and handed over to the Indian authorities tomorrow,Air Chief Marshal Raha and all others said as per the Geneva Convention, International Red Cross should be directly involved in his release,and agreed in unison that Pakistan was rather forced to release the Indian IAF officer because the country was presently under tremendous global pressure from all sides. But whatever, may be the situation we all welcome our own boy back in our country at the earliest,they said. Hindusthan Samachar/Ankur/Ram \
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