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'Now, crop payments to farmers through the commission agents'

By HindusthanSamachar | Publish Date: Feb 28 2019 12:56PM
'Now, crop payments to farmers through the commission agents'
Chandigarh, Feb 28 (HS): The payment of crops against procurement will not be given directly. Earlier it was to be deposited in the account of farmers directly by the Central Government. But, now from the coming Rabi season, the payment will be given through account payee cheques or RTGS, but through the commission agents. President of Aarhti Federation of Punjab, Vijay Kalra claimed that he was given assurance by the Chief Minister during a meeting of both at former’s resident about it. According to the instructions issued to the states by the Central Government, the agents will be paid payment of crop according to MSP, labours, sewing and their commission. Cash payment of crops could not be paid to the farmers. Earlier, it was decided to pay the amount directly to the accounts of farmers. But according to information, the Punjab Government has sought more time to implement it. In the past, on the direction of High Court, the decision to pay amount directly to the account of farmers had been implemented. But till today, only three farmers had applied for it. Although there are 10.93 lakhs land holders in the Punjab, but the number of farmers, who sell their crops in mandis, are around 15 lakhs. As per the data about Rs 50,000 crore are disbursed to the framers every year during Rabi and Kharif crop season. The number of commission agents in the state is 26,000 who purchase Rabi and Kharif crop, whereas 22,505 commission agents use to buy paddy only. The commission of the traders is 2.5 percent, which aggregate approximately Rs 1250 crore annually. Major part of the crops is purchased for central pool. Kalra told HS that the whole circle of fund between banks-farmers-traders may be collapsed if direct payment is given to farmers. When contacted, Managing Director of PUNGRAIN, Anadita Mitra, said that Punjab Mandi Board (PMB) has been asked to collect the detail of farmers to provide them direct payment. She added that the PMB will be changing ‘I’ and ‘F’ forms. From the coming crop season detail of bank accounts, IFS code and other will be registered in such forms for direct payment. Hindusthan Samachar/Narinder/Ram\
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