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Neither any agreement nor MoU, the agenda of Jinping's visit to India


Beijing/New Delhi, Oct.09(HS): Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive on a two-day visit to India on
Friday. This will be the first visit of the Chinese President to India after
Narendra Modi became Prime Minister for the second time. 

However, there is no
possibility of any major agreement between India and China in this two-day
tour. Because this is a kind of informal visit in which no definite agenda will
be discussed.

According to
the official, there will be no agreement, nor any MoU will be signed during the
visit of the Chinese President. This journey is going to be completely
informal. However, during this time there will be one-to-one conversation in
Prime Minister Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping, in which the focus will be on peace on
the border, people to people connect. Both leaders can decide the date of
special representative talks in this meeting.

President Jinping is coming to India at the invitation of Prime Minister
Narendra Modi. This informal meeting to be held between the two leaders will be
held in Chennai. On 11 and 12 October, the two leaders will talk on many big
issues, during which Modi-Jinping will visit the temple of Malappuram and visit
the surrounding areas. The Chinese Foreign Minister will also visit India
during this visit with the Chinese President.