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Madambu Kunjukuttan is no more


Thiruvananthapuram,11 May(HS): Madambu Kunjukuttan, well-known
novelist, short story writer, cinema actor, and celebrated writer passed
away on Tuesday morning at Thrissur. He was 80 and was suffering from Covid-19
besides a series of comorbidities.

Kunjukuttan, whose original name was Sankaran Kutty
was a Sanskrit scholar as well as physician to elephants. Some of the pathbreaking
and trendsetting novels he wrote include Asawathama,  Brishtu, Mahaprasthanam, Om Santhi Santhi
Santhi. Abhivaadaye, Avighnamastu, Aryavartha, etc. “ My knowledge of Sanskrit
gave me a good exposure to the works of Kalidasa and others,” said

He had acted in more than a dozen films in Malayalam that
include Agni Saakshi, Purushartham. Desadanam, a film for which he wrote earned him the national award for a writer. He was the president of
Tapasya, Kerala’s oldest and largest cultural and literary forum.

He is survived by his daughter Jaseena and Haseena. His
wife Savithri predeceased him.