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Ayodhya: Foundation pit to be dug with silver coated shovel,,


Amod / Rajesh

Ayodhya, Aug 05 (HS) : Preparations for Sri Ram Janmabhoomi temple worship are complete. The land is to be worshiped at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, arriving at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi at 11:30. The Prime Minister will lay the foundation stone of the foundation amidst Vedic chanting.

The foundation will be excavated with a silver coated shovel and cement-sand mortar will be put with a silver coated trowel. It is being told that the Prime Minister will also take out the soil with a shovel from the dug pit of the foundation being built in 08 layers of two feet each and 15 feet deep. 
This shovel will be of silver. With the silver trowel, the slurry made of cement sand will be placed on the foundation.

Silver brick will be used in the foundation of Sri Ram Janmabhoomi temple. Apart from this, Sheshnag, Tortoise, Pancharatna and Vastu Dev of gold from Kashi will be put.

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