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Dutee Chand expresses her desire to enter politics after retirement


New Delhi,
Sept.23 (HS): India's female runner Dutee Chand has expressed her desire to
enter politics after retiring from athletics. Dutee tweeted on Monday, 'I
wanted to get into politics since childhood. My family is connected to politics
at the grassroots level. My mother is the “sarpanch” of the village.

Dutee ,
however, has made it clear that she does not have the mind to do political work
right now. She will jump into politics after the conclusion of her career in
athletics. Dutee tweeted, 'Right now I am focusing on my athletics career. I do
not want to enter politics right now. The 23-year-old Dutee is preparing for
the World Championship starting on September 27.

Dutee Chand
said that she is constantly preparing for the night to cope with the heat of
Doha during the World Athletics Championship. Dutee has been included in the
Indian team for the World Athletics Championship to be held in Doha, Qatar from
27 September to 6 October.

temperature is expected to be close to 35 degrees Celsius during the competition
in Qatar, but Dutee said that she is not worried about it. Dutee said, 'The
atmosphere that I will get there is similar to the weather in Bhubaneswar. My
event will be at night, so I am preparing my body accordingly.