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No third party interference required on Indo-China standoff: China to UK ..


Manish K Singhal

New Delhi, July 24, (HS) Chinese ambassador Sun Weidong on Friday countered his British counterpart Philip Barton for his remarks regarding the India-China border standoff, saying it was a bilateral issue and no ‘third party interference’ was required in it.

In a tweet, Sun said, “Noted remarks regarding #China by British High Commissioner to India, rife with mistakes & false allegations. Boundary question falls within bilateral scope [between] #China & #India. We have wisdom & capability to properly handle differences. No need for third party interference.”

Sun took to another consecutive tweet on the issue of South China Sea issue. He said, “Real challenges in #SouthChinaSea come from powers outside the region stirring up territorial & maritime disputes & undermining regional peace & stability. On #HongKong affairs, #China’s HK allows no foreign interference.”

Sun Weidong’s reaction on the heels of Barton’s statement in which he had said on Thursday that China’s actions around the globe, including imposing a national security law in Hong Kong and the border standoff with India, posed a challenge for the world community and Britain will work with partners to call out violations of international law.

While clearing UK’s stand on the India-China standoff as terming it a bilateral issue, the British envoy said, “From the UK perspective, obviously we’re not part of that nor do we want to be,” Barton had said while responding to a specific question on the situation along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), where India and China have arrayed tens of thousands of troops since May.

Barton had also criticized China’s actions in the former British colony of Hong Kong and the South China Sea saying, “There are challenges around the world on all sorts of Chinese actions, for us Hong Kong particularly is a focus, clearly for India the LAC is a particular focus.”

In his speech, he also referred to the loss of life of 20 Indian soldiers that were killed during a brawl in India-China Line of Actual Control (LAC) on the night of June 15 saying, “These are concerning things and our hope would be that there can be de-escalation, and tensions do seem to have eased over the last week or two after the tragic loss of lives.”

Appreciating the efforts made by New Delhi and Beijing in managing tensions and de-escalation and disengagement across the LAC, Barton said “I hope we’re not about to see a change in that in future.”