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Shri Ram Janmabhoomi pujan: The atmosphere in Ayodhya is filled with reverence and gaiety..


Ritika Srivastava

Ayodhya, Aug 05 (HS) : The ceremony of Bhoomi Pujan of Shri Ram temple is historic, in which Mohan Bhagwat, the head of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is also joining along with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The court of Ramlala is being enchanted by the flowers from Thailand. The entire Ram city is in an atmosphere of reverence and gaiety. 

Ramcharit Manas is being recited in some parts of the city, whereas some people are singing Sohar on the Dholak and Khanjari. There are voices of women blossoming from the streets, while the Ramnas of the sadhus are chanting from the temples. Some are busy decorating the urn, and some are hanging the plaque of Ramnam at the door. Ram's name is echoing everywhere. Everyone is waiting for the Bhoomi pujan. Little children are playing peepahri. In between, suddenly the whole atmosphere resonates with the slogan of 'Jayashreeram'.

People are gathering at the rooftops and the city is crowded than other days. The soldiers deployed in security are alert as soon as the name of Ram rises. There is tight security at every corner. The security personnel are also teaching social distancing lessons to every visitor. Along with the Ramlala complex, hundreds of Ayodhya temples are also glowing. There is electrical decoration at the house-temple. Government buildings are also adorned. The edge of Sarayu is filled with the faith of devotees. 

According to an assessment, despite all the prohibitions, one lakh outsiders are reaching Ayodhya to witness this historic moment. It is a celebration for them. There are preparations to illuminate the city, ghats and house-temples with lamps. The bells of plays and the sound of ghungroos is being echoed in the temples at Ram Nagari. At least 5100 urns have been installed for Bhoomi Pujan and to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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