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World IVF Day celebrated at Oasis fertility centre .


Ratna Chotrani   

Hyderabad, July 25 (HS)  On the occasion of World In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) day Oasis Fertility – leaders in the fertility care, announced the unveiling of an innovative initiative in patient care in these unprecedented times, “Contact Less Patient engagement”, today at Oasis Fertility, Hyderabad. This is the first such solution in India to be offered in the fertility care and is being launched on the occasion of World IVF day, today.  


A person seeking infertility care spends at least 4 to 6 months on an average and during this period the couple is supposed to visit the center numerous times and spend time in understanding the treatment protocols. Due to the current pandemic situation patients tend to postpone treatment to avoid being exposed to Covid-19 Considering these factors and for the convenience of the patient, Oasis has launched “Contact Less Patient engagement” using its high-tech platform.   


Speaking on the Occasion Dr Durga G Rao, Medical Director and Co-Founder of Oasis Fertility said “We will be educating the patient and creating comprehensive awareness. After the initial investigations they are communicated personalized information through content, images, animation etc."


Mr Kiran Gadela, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Oasis Fertility added that, “In fertility treatment, it is very important for the aspiring IVF couples to understand the treatment options available.” Dr Krishna Chaitanya, Scientific Head and Clinical Embryologist, Oasis Fertility also spoke about the World IVF Day being celebrated and treatments available.