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Mamata withdraws statewide lock-down on September 12 for NEET examinees..


Ankur Bhattacharya 

Kolkata, September 10  (HS) Responding to numerous requests
from NEET examinees in the state, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today decided
to withdraw the state-wide complete lockdown on September 12, a day before the
All India Medical Examination on September 13.

Announcing her decision to help thousands of NEET students
to appear for their examination centres on time even from far flung places on
September 13 without any problem, the Chief Minister in subsequent tweets here
this afternoon announced that there would be no complete shutdown on Saturday
next, the second day of the two day complete closure of the state, providing a
sigh of relief to many students and their guardians in the state.

At the same time she has also made it clear that as
announced earlier, the day long complete shutdown would be observed in the
state tomorrow. Instead of two consecutive days it would now be observed only
for a day tomorrow, she said.

Making her stand clear the Chief Minister today first
tweeted “GoWB had initially announced a state-wide lockdown on Sep 11th &
12th. Considering the NEET 2020 examination scheduled on 13th, we have received
numerous requests from the student community on lifting lockdown norms on 12th,
helping ease their travel to examination centres.”

Soon in another tweet she said, “Keeping their interest in
mind, while keeping the state-wide lockdown as it is on Sep 11th, it has been
decided to cancel the lockdown on 12th, so that the students can attend the
examination on 13th without any apprehensions or concerns. I wish them all the
very best.”

The Chief Minister's positive response to the requests of
many NEET students was hailed not only by the students and their parents, but
also by the people at large in the wake of the present difficult situation for
the entire student community as a whole.

Hindusthan Samachar