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Smugglers try to murder DRI officials in Kerala.


Kumar Chellappan

Kochi, September 07 (HS) : Gold smugglers at Kozhikode International Airport tried to murder two officials of the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence on Sunday when the latter tried to catch hold of ‘couriers’ who managed to give a slip to the Customs officials with 4.3 kg gold worth Rs 1.2 crore.

The two smugglers who came out of the airport boarded a car and sped away while Albert, the DRI official and his colleague Najeeb gave them a chase on a bike. Another team of DRI officials in two cars followed the culprits.  The motor cycle-borne duo overtook the car and parked the two-wheeler across the road. Instead of stopping the get-away car, the driver crashed into the bike which threw the DRO officials away but the rogue car hit a tree in the melee and came to a grinding halt.

While 26-year-old P T Nizar was taken into custody by the DRI, his friend in the crime, Fazal managed to escape from the scene but not before the officials seized the smuggled gold. Albert and Najeeb who were seriously hurt in the attempt to murder them have been admitted to a private hospital.

The incident took place amidst reports that Kozhikode Airport has become a den of gold and drug smuggling activities. BJP President K Surendran alleged on Monday that the CPI(M)-led Kerala Government is hand in glove with the Muslim League leadership to  protect and save the smugglers. “There is a deep rooted conspiracy and the BJP have been highlighting this issue for quite some time now,” said Surendran while speaking to reporters at Kozhikode on Monday.

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