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Wuhan hospital director dies of the corona, where most patients are admitted.


Beijing, Feb 18 (HS): Every day the death toll is increasing all over the world. The number of deaths in China has reached 1900 till now. Things are getting worse in China because now health workers are also under the grip of Corona. Today on Tuesday, the director of a large hospital in Wuhan, the center of Corona (COVID-19), died of the corona.

In China, the situation is getting worse due to Corona. In Corona, 72,000 people are still infected in China, while more than 1900 people have died so far. In China, the situation is getting worse because health workers are also falling ill due to Corona. On Tuesday, Liu Zhiming, director of the Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan died due to corona. He is the first officer of such a large hospital to die from Corona.

6 health workers died by Corona, while 1716 health workers have been infected. In China, news of the sudden director's death started coming last night. But the news was removed in a short time and it was told that the director is still under treatment.

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