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Islamic terrorist organisations' sleeper cells in Kerala Police, two suspected officials transferred..


Kumar Chellappan

Kochi , Sept 10 (HS): There are sleeper cells of various Islamic terrorist organisations in the intelligence wing of Kerala Police, according to a top official of the State Intelligence.

Two officers (an assistant sub-inspector of police and a civil police officer) were recently transferred from the sensitive intelligence/special branch wings of the Kerala Police to Malabar Special Police, an armed battalion, because of their links with the terror outfits.

These officials reportedly leaked the progress of the investigation by the Police into the attempt to murder case of Shaji of Eliyamala in Kozhikode district to the terrorist organisations. Shaji , a BJP activist was seriously injured when a group of Popular Front of India workers tried to murder him in 2019 for his role in creating awareness among the local population about the environmental impact of a quarry owned and operated by a PFI leader.

The leaked information helped the accused to escape from the district and the case investigation came to a standstill. Both the officials had links with the PFI. This is not the first time, earlier also these sleeper units of terrorist organisations have subverted the probes of Love Jihad and murder accused. There was a WhatsApp group, named Green Light, in the Kerala Police in which the participants were sworn supporters of terrorist organisations. 

Hindusthan Samachar