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Delhi Police bans drones, flying aerial objects till August 15.


Manish K Singhal

New Delhi, July 31 (HS) Delhi Police has banned the flying of sub-conventional aerial platforms starting from Friday i.e. July 31 till August 15 (Independence Day) as part of security measures. 

The order signed by Delhi Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava states, "It has been reported that certain criminal or anti-social elements or terrorists inimical to India pose a threat to the safety of the general public, dignitaries and vital installations by the use of sub-conventional aerial platforms like para-gliders, para-motors, hang gliders, UAVs, UASs, microlight aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft, hot air balloons, small size powered aircraft, quadcopters or even by para jumping from aircraft etc. 

The order added if the ban is violated, it will be punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

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