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People hiding Chinese incursions are anti-nationals: Rahul Gandhi.


Manish K Singhal

New Delhi, 27 July (HS): Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has again trained his guns at the BJP led Central government, on the issue of border dispute with China, saying that surrounded the Chinese forces have occupied Indian land and those who are hiding the fact are anti-national.  

In the fourth episode of his video series, Rahul Gandhi said on Monday that the Chinese have occupied Indian land. Those who hide this truth are anti-national.  

Through a series of video message, Rahul Gandhi said that his priority as an Indian was the country and its people. He said that now it is clear that China has infiltrated our border. This thing bothers me a lot. He said, even if the people criticize me, I will not stop bringing truth out. How these satellite photos can lie. In my view, there cannot be patriots lying about Chinese incursions.

Rahul Gandhi said, "I don't bother while speaking the truth. Even if I have to sacrifice my political career, even then I will speak only truth.”

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