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16 more US soldiers suffer from brain injuries in Iran attack..


Washington, Jan 29 (HS): Iran's missile attack on the US Army military base in Iraq has caused brain injuries, called Traumatic Brain Injury, to 16 more US soldiers. Earlier this figure was 34. 

The Pentagon has issued a statement saying that 34 soldiers had suffered brain injuries earlier. But now this number has increased to 50. Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Thomas Campbell gave this information.

Out of 50 soldiers, 31 soldiers have returned to duty after undergoing treatment in Iraq, while 18 have been sent to Germany for treatment. Also, another who was sent to Kuwait for treatment is back on duty in Iraq, the statement has said. 

It is noteworthy that President Donald Trump initially said that no soldiers were injured in the January 8 attack.  

Hindusthan Samachar/ Radha/ Manish