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Kangana's new tweet finds more takers.


R Narayan

Lucknow, September 11 (HS): Actor Kangana Ranaut's clarification that she is opposed to Maharashtra chief minister Udhhav Thackeray because of his  deviation from his father's path has put her in a different light.

She has more in her side now also because of the Sena-led government's support to  Rhea Chakraborty and rejection of her bail plea by the Session Court.

"There she is right. Udhhav is not Balasaheb. He has not followed his ideology. If she is attacking him because of that she does not deserve condemnation. In fact Udhhav should do introspection",says Ram Prasad, an old  Shiv Sena supporter.

In her Wednesday tweet against the chief minister she has also said something more.She has said that she has a high regard for late Tackarery and called herself a supporter of his ideology.

She has claimed that she has fans all over Maharashtra in addition to other places and got messages and phone calls from them , supporting her.

UP-ites all over see her in a  different light after the new tweet. More protest marches are proposed to be taken today.

Effigy of Udhhav was burnt at a number of places in the state on Thursday. To these protesters , demolition of her office before her arrival in Mumbai was an act of vendetta.

Some others were given more time to reply in the past.Even in the area where her office is located a designer has been given seven days for reply. But the BMC did not wait for her to come.Nor did the corporation wait for the Court order where a petition was moved  and slated to be heard during the day.

It is suspected here that officials were in a hurry because they feared that demolition order might be stayed. It has come true.The Court did grant stay but by then 40 per cent of the building was razed to the ground.

Her supporters here demand action against these officials and reconstructing of  the office building. Statement of Sena leader Sanjay Raut that the government has nothing to do with it is unacceptable to majority of people talked to.

"No official or corporation can dare to act like this in case of a celebrity. The problem is some leaders are yet to change mind-set and believe that the people have become much wiser than  they think", retorts Ram Prakash Tripathi.

A Google search reveals that there is a merit in latest Kangana's statement. Late Balasaheb was totally opposed to Congress in general and Sonia Gandhi in particular.He would have never agreed to form government with the party. Udhhav has , by all accounts, behaved unlike him.

A few of his quotes will make it bare.'I would prefer handing back power to the British, who have at least experience of ruling the country for 150 years rather  than to Sonia Gandhi".

His another quotable quote in the present context is," overthrow governments in the state and at the Centre, which are a cancer".

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